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Dear Prospective Sponsor,


We would first like to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to view this proposal. Wheel Heroes formerly DeNito’s Ride for Kids is excited to be able to promote your brand through our annual cycling event. In order to accomplish our goals, your help is needed! Wheel Heroes is a 501c3 organization, dedicated to raising funds and awareness for other worthy 501(c)(3) entities; which focus on various child, health related issues. The last Wheel Heroes annual cycling event was a success, attracting over 100 participants and raised thousands of dollars!


In 2018, we are expecting further growth for the Wheel Heroes annual cycling event in the form of sponsors, participants, spectators, volunteers and media. This will be a great opportunity for your company to reach this audience and capitalize on the growing popularity of the sport of cycling at a grassroots level. Your participation at the Wheel Heroes annual cycling event means that you will have the prospect of engaging with the community and build long-term customer relationships.


We can design and tailor an integrated marketing strategy that will blend both our brands together so that you can receive a maximum return on your investment. Please see the next section below to see how you can get involved in the 2016 DRK annual cycling event.


Broad Sponsorship Benefits


Cycling sponsorship provides access to a very attractive consumer demographic. An estimated 86 million Americans are active in some form of cycling, and upwards of 20 million consider themselves cycling enthusiasts. There are more bicyclists in the U.S. than skiers, tennis players and golfers combined! As an added bonus, cyclists are a desirable market with a large discretionary income. The largest demographic in the elite cycling fan base is affluent and well educated, with an average income of over $80,000, a medium age of 38 and a college graduate profile of over 90%. These individuals spend more than $5.5 billion annually to participate in the fastest growing amateur and spectator-friendly sport in the United States. Competitive cycling has everything your company needs for mass media attention: speed, drama, determination, and inspiring feats of athleticism. Above all, cycling is a healthy, environmentally friendly, and technologically innovative sport that is a lifelong activity for many and appeals to people of all ages. Thus, the sport of cycling attracts a broad audience that reaches beyond the target audience of other sports.

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