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DeNito’s Ride for Kids donates specially designed bikes for kids with lower levels of mental or physical abilities to offer safe, stable and stylish choices, providing them a new form of mobility, exercise, therapy but most importantly, the joy of cycling.

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SHORTY FORTY (February 10th, 2018)

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Because of Aisak’s autism, he was not able to pedel a bike that he had for three years. Every movement he made was like solving a complex math problem so moving each foot individually to rotate the pedels was almost impossible. With a simple combination of placement, strapped pedels and the right gearing, he was pedeling for the first time within 30 minutes. Now his mom says he rides around with the other kids and you’d never know he ever had a problem with it.

Joshua was born with Hydro Cephalitis which is a build up of excessive fluids on the brain. In simple terms, it disconnects his brain from controlling motor function in the rest of his body. Before receiving his bike, Joshua was not able to walk at all, nor was he able to use the pedaling machine at his physical therapy sessions. Within an hour of receiving his brand new custom bike, he was pedaling for the first time. He has had the bike for only a few months now and his parents report that not only has he improved riding the bike but he is also taking his first steps with a walker.

When Amanday was 18 months old, she was involved in an accident resulting in trama to her brain which left her paralized on her left side. She has little use of her left leg and no use of her left arm and little torso control. She had never ridden a bike before but within 40 minutes, she was riding on her own for the first time. Her dad says that she’s doing great now and riding completely on her own. Now he would like to participate in our upcoming cycling events.

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